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Paragraphs is an analog four-pole resonant low pass filter with an attack, decay (AD) envelope generator designed with focus on simplicity and flexibility.

Low Pass Filter

The heart of the filter circuit is the AS3320 analog chip — a modern replica of the same component used in analog classics like the Sequential Prophet 5, Pro-One mono-synth, Elka Synthex, and the LinnDrum. Cutoff spans the full audio spectrum and resonance starts to self-oscillate at about seventy percent.


The envelope generator offers modulations in an uncommonly wide range of frequencies — starting as low as 0.05 hz for slowly evolving 20 second long cycles, and reaching up to (and past) the audio threshold at 300 hz for a wave shaping effect similar to sounds found on west coast style synthesizers (“think Buchla”).

Flexible Gain Stages

Paragraphs accepts instrument and line level signals. Dedicated controls for input (drive) and output level make it easy to move between a crystal clear clean tone and and a clipping fuzz. A multi-color LED provides a visual representation of the signal level. Red indicates clipping. Orange flashes indicate the start of overload. Green indicates the presence of signal at or below the nominal level.


Inputs for Control Voltage (CV) and midi are available to remotely trigger the envelope generator. This enables your Paragraphs to stay in rhythmic synchronization with external systems like midi sequencers, euroracks, and digital audio workstations.

We carry a compatible midi adapter, view here.


  • 1/4” mono input/output jacks
  • 2.1mm DC Connector
  • 5.7” x 4.7” x 1.5” enclosure dimensions
  • true bypass
  • input impedance: 1MΩ
  • output impedance: <1kΩ
  • power supply: 9 to 9.6 VDC center negative
  • current draw: 100mA max


These pedals use an upgraded circuit board that is implemented on all units with serial number #2085 and above. Upgrades include:
  • Improved signal to noise ratio (less hiss when the filter is open)
  • Higher output level
  • Upgraded potentiometers (the knobs feel smoother)

Expression Pedal Mod

We offer a mod so that you can control the multiplier knob with a standard expression pedal. If you purchase the Mod with this pedal, we will complete the mod before we ship this pedal. This may delay your shipping up to 5 business days. Purchase the mod here.

Download the user manual.

Audio / Video Demos